#2 Laser Hair Removal Treatment Progression! (PICS!)




When I won my coupons for some free laser hair removal treatments, I was overjoyed!

I had laser in the past over 10 years ago, but sadly I was not able to afford the maintenance treatments and…well…

So, I knew it would be a positive experience for me! Here you see my hair growth on my neck, my most hirsute area a few days after treatment 1 and then my hair growth after treatment 2!

I am so excited to see my natural skin tone on my neck again!

If you are wondering, I got my services done at Premier Laser Spa in Virginia. I am only getting my neck treated at this time.

After two treatments, I must say the pain level is quite tolerable. You feel an obvious pinch-like sensation but it really is not that serious. If you are in the Virginia Beach area or else where, Premier Laser Spa has locations up and down the East Coast.

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