Update to my Medications

So today I chatted with my practitioner at my GYN office.

Well I am going to finish up my Lo Loestrin Fe, and go with Beyaz.

Beyaz contains drospirenone (3mg), ethinyl estradiol (.02mg), and levomelfolate (.451mg).

She stated that, with spironolactone, that Beyaz will be helpful in controlling my hirsutism.

The worse case scenario would be drops in potassium and blood clots, likely in my legs.

As I assumed, she is going to be monitoring me to make sure neither of these issues, or any other, present themselves.

To reduce blood clots, she advised me to work out or try to be active as much as possible.

I look forward to using it! I must admit I am excited! I was concerned the Lo loestrin Fe was not strong enough and the Beyaz is slightly stronger.

Also, I told her I am taking a number of herbal medications which sh advised me to stop only because, unlike Spironolactone and Beyaz, herbs are not FDA approved though they are tested continuously.

With that being said, she advised me not be on Wild Yam. Apparently, it releases estrogen-LIKE supplements in the body but not true estrogen, making it not as effective as birth control or other approved estrogen medications.

I also epilated some neck hairs that were annoying me and the wax job is still holding up but now I am getting annoying ingrowns!

I pray this regimen is the answer to my body hair! The dark spots it leaves are the absolute worse!

Below is the worse area on my body: my neck. I TRULY feel that when the hair is gone my skin will clear up. I mean with no or very little hair, I have nothing to wax, tweeze and shave, thus reducing my ingrowns and cuts!


Wish me luck and thanks for reading!

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  • Shana August 28, 2012 at 11:12 am

    Hi, I feel your pain! I shave on a daily basis :( Just a word of caution, taking the Spiro and Beyaz really ups your risk of blood clots! They each carry risks for blood clots, an together it is much much higher. I was on Beyaz for 2 months when I started having issues with blood clots, and ended up in the hospital with a LARGE pulmonary embolism, even though I was active and moving a lot and had never had any problems before with my other birth control pills. I loved Beyaz…but it did more damage in the long run than good. You might want to ask your doctor about taking a low dose aspirin daily to help head off any issues.

    Best of luck!! I hope it works like a charm for you with no issues!

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    • Monica August 28, 2012 at 6:02 pm

      Thanks a bunch Shana! Yes, my practitioner went over the risks with BeYaz and insisted I pay very close attention to my body because of the blood clot reasons. I am cautious, believe me!

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