Hello There!

Welcome to my hirsutism website. Here I write about my struggles with idiopathic hirsutism and lean PCOS.

I have dealt with this condition since I was around middle school and it has certainly has taken a toll on my self- esteem.

It was not until I was officially diagnosed with idiopathic hirsutism in 2012 that I simply got sick and tired of waking up and seeing thick, coarse dark hair on my face every morning.

That extra obvious fur on your face is called “HIRSUTISM.” It is the medical term for a woman (or man) with excessive amounts of hair on their body.

The Hirsutism Hub is my site designed to help women all over the globe contend with the embarrassment of excessive body hair. I’ve made it my passion to help women with androgen excess conditions (i.e. hirsutism, PCOS, etc.) better contend with their self-esteem problems.

Feel free to contact me about my website or any questions you may have and enjoy the site!

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