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Hello! I’m Mo!

Welcome to my hirsutism blog. Here I intend on writing about my struggles with idiopathic hirsutism.

I have dealt with this condition since I was around middle school and it has certainly has taken a toll on my self- esteem.

It caused some depression for me as well as effect my social interactions with people. I found it hard to keep friends (especially females friends) around.

I was still able to get in relationships and even made two kids so for the most part, I lead a normal life.

It was not until I was officially diagnosed with idiopathic hirsutism in 2012 that I simply got sick and tired of waking up and seeing thick, coarse dark hair on my face every morning.

I decided to start a blog about it and simply talk about it! Have you noticed that there are almost NO hirsutism support websites?!

Feel free to contact me about my website or any questions you may have!!!

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