Before and After pics of DIY Sugar Wax of Bikini Line!

In a previous post about homemade sugar wax, I decided to use it on my bikini line. Hirsutism is very obvious “down there.”

Because my hair is a more curlier in texture, I would have trimmed the hairs more waxing. I discovered my bikini hairs a quite lengthy….of course, after ripping them off!

So let’s cut to the chase! Here is the before pic! Don’t laugh at my “fuzzy navel!” LOL!

I figured doing wax would be longer lasting since laser hair removal and electrolysis are not options right now! Plus my confidence in laser hair removal is not high since I had it done before in 2003 and all my hair returned after investing over $3,000 in it!


(Insert wolf howl!!!!!)

Here is what my “tenders” look like after the sugar wax!


Ta Da!

The dark spots are skin discoloring, from years of shaving and ingrown hairs! It is one of the staples of having hirsutism!



  1. Wow that’s a huge difference! I’m just too chicken to do it myself lol.

    • LOL I was too. But once you get use to it, it is really not THAT bad. I have been tweezing for so long and waxed my face alot, I was expecting some pain! if you go to a salon parlor to get waxing, ask if they use sugar wax.

  2. Wow! Great read! Very informative and funny. I’m trying this mixture tonight. Hopefully I won’t pass out in the middle of the process.

  3. wow you did a really good job. I’ve waxed my stomach before with store-bought wax and it is hard to psych yourself out and just pull it off so HUGE kudos to you! Thank you for making this blog and for posting pics. I suffer from the same thing and sometimes i feel sooooooooo alone. My friends do not suffer from this and do not understand why I am so cautious with my clothing. They know that I don’t like my stomach and one day one of them lifted my shirt up while we were in bright ass target. Ooh I wanted to slice her up lol. Oh and I also have that line on my stomach, but I don’t have kids…Mine has always been there since I was a kid and has always been dark.

    • LOL at your friend but yeah I would have near slapped her ass too! Women with our condition feel like a lost species sometimes, ya know? So I am happy I am helping you out. This blog is so therapeutic for me. My dream is to make a book about it!

  4. You are so brave. Thank you for being so open and even going as far as posting pics cause I’m sure not proud as you probably aren’t but you did it for those of us who can relate and I really appreciate that. Glad I fell upon this blog today :) May God continue to bless you and I wish you the best on your solutions.

    • Thanks Cassy! NO!! I most certainly am NOT proud to have hirsutism, but I am at a mature age to share my struggles with others because I know I am not the only one. Took me a very long time to find the bravery to talk about it!

  5. Looking at these two photos, I’m happy that youre happy, but I truly hope its what you want to do and dont feel its something you HAVE to do. Again shame is something we all face in life but you all shouldnt HAVE to. I’ll leave it at that. Just wanna see eeeeveryone smile with the utmost of self confidence.

    • Thank YOU Gary! I certainly don’t feel like I have to do this blog but I truly do want to. I have young daughters and I want to get my condition under control in case I passed the genetic on to them. So for their sake, yes I feel I have to in order to save them from the sel-loathe I had for over a decade. I want them, as well as any women suffering from this, to be able to know of effective ways to manage the hair growth. I love, as a man, that you are so accepting of this condition. Many other men are, but many others are not as mature as you so I always appreciate your professional and kind words!

  6. I had hirsutism. Not sure what treatment plans you tired. I went on the pill for a while then came off then started treatments with electrolysis and have never looked back. It was the best decision. If you go on “professional electroligists” they have great advice.
    Good on you for posting and best of luck!

  7. Hi there:
    I have done waxing and for me I get the same results as shaving – in grown hairs and bumps that sometimes get infected and leave dark marks and scarring.

    I recently decided to give lasers a try after 10 years. Lasers have come a long way and are better able to treat people with dark complexions. The place I go to is really inexpensive. For a full-on Brazilian and bellybutton line treatment, it costs me $58.00 every 6 weeks. After my first treatment I saw really good results. I just had my second one today. You should look into laser treatment again. There are some good deals out there. Just look for a place that uses an Nd: YAG laser. That is the kind of laser that works on dark skin types. Thanks for posting and good luck!

    • Yes I think I going to do laser again! I think what people don’t realize is that it is a continuous thing you need to do, even after all your hair is gone. I am going to try to go to the place I got it done from originally to see if I qualify for a discount deal they do! Thanks for the tip!

      • Yes, periodic maintenance treatment may be necessary. Not anything like shaving or waxing, though. After all you’re hair has been removed it could be months before you need another treatment, if at all.

  8. Reblogged this on Dear Idiopathic Hirsutism: Go. To. Hell. and commented:

    I have gotten alot of questions about making bikini waxing and I decided to repost my before and after of my DIY bikini wax. I made the sugar at home and I posted about that recipe on my blog too, though you can find a basic at-home sugar recipe online everywhere! The one thing I would have done is exfoliate my skin before and after the wax because this caused me to have some serious ingrowns. And plus it was my first time every waxing “down there.” Find a hair removal technique that causes the least strain on your skin and you and stick with it! Enjoy!

  9. i have pcos too and i am going through the same situation.its hard to wear short shorts or sleeveless tops. I also have dark underamrs.

  10. the dark spots you have, will they ever disappear? bc i have them too and i’m so ashamed i don’t even want to go to the beach and i feel like they get worse every year..

    • Yes they went away. I don’t remove my pubic hair very often so whatever marks I have fade away by the time I remove the hair again.

  11. Im hairy as well and so glad to see you speaking up on the issue! Waxing is my preferred method..

  12. Hi, Mo. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself. Please permit a rather personal question. In both pics, I noticed a bulge in the crotch area. Does hirsutism also affect the genital (enlarging it)?

    • Hi YZ! If hirsutism is caused by true medical hormonal imbalance, yes, it is possible to have an enlarged clitoris as a woman. If your hirsutism is strictly genetic (idiopathic hirsutism) then your clitoris is very likely not to be enlarged.

  13. do you know any ways for me to lighten the marks around there quickly or do you recommend anything to dark marks there,,,, have you ever epilated ?

    • For me, the fastest way to get rid of the dark marks is to let the skin heal and let the hair grow completely out. I have epilated. It works well but hurts like hell!

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