Helpful Sites

I love giving credit where credit’s due!

Visit these great sites for more information about hirsutism, PCOS and related health problems!

Other Hirsutism blogs and websites

PCOS Challenge – Anything and everything you want to know about hirsutism and PCOS, as well as reading the struggles of other women!

The Pink Razor Project – A fun documentary of a woman’s daily life dealing with hirsutism.

Soul Cysters – An amazing forum for PCOS, hirsutism and other hormonal conditions!

Black Doctor – A great general health resource to promote health in minority communities.

Hair tell – the biggest hair removal forum on the internet!

PCOS Diva – A great PCOS resource from Amy Medling! Includes dieting tips too!

The Androgen Excess and PCOS Society –  a great education organization about major androgen excess conditions like hirsutism and PCOS!