Hirsutism Treatment: A Paleo Salad

paleo salad

The more interested I become with finding ways to reserve hirsutism, the more fascinated I become with diets.

It’s no secret that may of the world health problems can be avoided with a proper diet. In fact, women with hormonal imbalances are encouraged to try the paleo diet as it helps align body functions sans the junk and processed foods. The problem is the discipline that comes with a diet.

People always think dieting automatically means giving up the junk food and fried foods. Yes, this is true, but you may be surprised how much leniency comes with the standards of a paleo diet.

Paleo, short for paleoloithic, the period of time when our cavemen ancestors appeared on Earth, is a diet plan very popular with women battling PCOS. It is meant to stress the importance of eating very basic, like our ancestors who did not have processed junk or wheat (yes, wheat should be avoided if your attempting to go paleo.)

A good example of a paleo meal would be a chicken salad like the one I had for lunch. And to my surprise, it was DELICIOUS!!!

To get this salad use:

  • spinach leaves
  • romaine lettuce
  • black and brown olives
  • a light amount of sunflower seeds
  • cherry tomatoes
  • light olive oil and vinegar
  • shredded baked chicken

Give it a try and get on the Paleo bandwagon today! For more information about the paleo diet, visit some sites dedicated to improving women’s lives, like Diane Sanfilippo’s Balanced Bites website.

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