Hirsutism Treatment: Removing Ingrown Hairs By Facial Steaming

Photo on 10-7-14 at 4.43 PM

I just recently jumped on the facial steam bandwagon for my hirsutism. I use to just put a hot compress on my face to loosen up my most vicious ingrown hairs.

The steam gives your hair immediate moisture, allowing your facial pores to open up. When your pores are open so are your follicles, loosening up any trap hair.

Now some hairs may be a little more difficult to remove but steaming them a few times will definitely help.

You know how you soak in a hot bath, to give relieve to bikini line ingrowns? This is the same, even though you’re dunking your face in steaming water!

Even better: facial steaming can be done at home!

All you need is a towel, hot water and some essential oil! I chose lavender!



  • Boil some water on your stove for¬†about 15 minutes or until it starts to bubble.


  • Pour steaming hot water in a heat-proof bowl. I mean, steam has to really be coming from the water!


  • Put 5 drops of essential oil of your choice into the water. I picked lavender.


  • Place the bowl carefully on a table low enough that you can lean your whole face over the bowl.
  • Lean your face over the steaming bowl and keep it there for 20 minutes. The timing is completely up to you but I chose 20 minutes.

Photo on 10-7-14 at 4.43 PM

  • For a better effect, pull the towel over your head and the bowl, so more steam is hitting your face

Photo on 10-7-14 at 4.43 PM #3

  • Do this a few times a week and you notice your ingrowns loosing up a lot better in no time!



My skin felt VERY SMOOTH after I allowed it to air dry from the steam.

I also noticed some ingrown hairs looked WAY more visible after doing this! I was able to lift many of them out!

I also rubbed a small amount of coconut oil over my neck and other ingrown area to give me skin some moisture.

I may even do it again tonight and rub it with hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar and then add the coconut oil as a night facial mask. My hope is this will dry up my skin and allow the some of the hirsutism blemishes to lighten up.

Give it a try!

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