Hirsutism Treatment: Stop Tweezing To Cure Folliculitis Barbae


Some women have no issues with tweezing. They can pluck away and go about their day. Others, however, have to eventually deal with ingrown hairs bumps, redness and all the other WTF that comes with folliculitis barbae (FB).

FB occurs when skin is overly irritated from hair removal, causing ingrown hairs and inflamed follicles. I know if I tweeze too much too often, I develop folliculitis.

However, it go REAL bad when after I had a 4-hour electrolysis marathon and I actually got a little depressed about it. It almost got inflamed over night. After research, I found that simply keeping it clean and NOT tweezing or removing the hair for a while is the best way to clear it up. Check out this video about facial steaming for ingrown hairs and this Positive Med guest post I wrote about natural ingrown treatments.

So for a month, I made it a point NOT to remove any hair unless I shaved. And you can see the difference is obvious.

The darkness is gone as well as the bumps, thank God. I still have hair there (currently undergoing laser hair removal) so within months, that will hopefully be gone too.

So, try to remain for the tweezers if you are dealing with folliculitis as well.

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