How One Woman Healed Her Skin Cancer Naturally!

April 25, 2014

Joan Morais is one of my favorite people whom I’ve never met.

She has her own businesses based on natural skin and care and other healthy alternative methods of living.

I use to love making my own soaps at home and I learned a lot of my soap-making knowledge from her. She also has very popular classes on making your own natural hair and skin care products for self use or for a business. She’s quite the lady!

In some recent blog post on her website, she details her unfortunate battle with a common form of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma. It is not the type of cancer that metasizes, thank god, but it was cancer nonetheless.

Some months back, she found a odd zit on her forehead which, after not budging, tested for cancer.

In a recent article she details how she has been massaging natural oils on her skin and including the cancer legion for several months. She also details how she changed her diet to whote grains, fruits, veggies and beans after learning about her cancer.

The oils she used were rock rose oil and tamanu oil. Tamanu comes from a Polynesian plant and rock rose tends to be more pinkish in color than roses and the pedals spread out brilliantly.

As scared as she was, she still managed to try and enjoy life, by taking up some fun classes and meditating.

She recently discovered in massaged the legion that she no longer felt it: it disappeared! She and her husband no longer noticed the legion and even explained this to her doctor who still opted for the surgery just to be safe.

So, in the end, she “healed” herself. Though she still got the minimal surgery done, the legion simply disappeared by the time she actually had the operation.

And it was not just the oils. Remember, she changed her diet and simply made it a point to enjoy herself and her live and do things that brought her joy.

I think this is wonderful! If we learn to put our bodies first as opposed to ourselves, I think we could learn to heal ourselves and eliminate the need for conventional medicine. I think this would cure so much of our bodies ills.

Read Joan’s story in its entirety here.

Way to go, Joan!

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