Men Embracing a Woman’s Hirsutism

Flickr via dokidok

Flickr via dokidok

As I speak more and more about hirsutism,  more women and men from all over email me with their personal stories and opinions about hirsutism.

I think it is fascinating that of the billions of dollars spent on cosmetic services like hair removal. It just goes to show how anti-body hair people are in the world and it’s understandable why they may feel that way. On the cover of magazines you see flawless human beings representing what is “perfection” to society.

Occasionally, magazines covers will feature a plus sized man or woman and will plaster quotes about acceptance and self esteem….but a week later will go right back to sensationalizing those impossibly “perfect” bodies.

The very reason why I do not read popular magazines much!

But the more and more men contact me about the topic of hirsutism, the more apparent it is to men that some men simply do not care! Most men, especially the older ones, understand a woman’s hormones and that sometimes hormonal changes can be unwelcoming.

Some men understand that women, just as they are, are the complete opposite of perfect so to have such expectations of perfection is ridiculous.

One guy from Europe emailed me, proclaiming his fascination with me, and to help women understand that not all guys will judge you because of your excessive body hair.

The men who contact me are very passionate and complimenting . They tell me constantly that I am beautiful and I am meant to have hirsutism for a reason. It feels very good to hear such lovely comments from complete strangers, more so than I hear from some of the men closest to me in my life!

So what does that tell me? I think the average man would appreciate a feminine woman but will have no issues accepting what she has naturally, whether it be feminine or anti-feminine.

I think most men have the common sense to base their love and affection on personality, and not look. But there is that occasional butthole who will ruin your impression of men for all of them!

I think women base too much time on there looks (as we all know). I think we are so consumed with what others view us as that we take everything into consideration when it comes to our appearance from the outside in just to go grocery shopping or the gas station.

And frankly, who can blame us? We hear stories of bullied children all the time in school….it is sad to say that sometimes, adults are guilty of the same behavior. It’s really pathetic to think about it, especially when these say antagonistic adults have just as many flaws, if not more, than the very individuals they start rumors about!

A man/partner will love you for your hirsutism. He will understand your struggle. Hell, he may help you shave! But do not convince yourself into thinking a man or desirable partner will not love you wholesomely because of your hirsutism. They are out there!

And I can bet my bottom’s dollar those very men will not look ANYTHING like the “perfect” people on the covers of magazines either!



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