Pics of Electrolysis Before and After

January 16, 2013

So I had my first electrolysis appointment in years on Tuesday. I must say my electrologist is very straight forward with me. She explained that I will have to maintain treatments to get optimal results for permanency. As nice and friendly as she was, she was very stern and this is only because (or I assume) she wants you to get the best bang for your buck and I don’t blame her one bit!

I also told her I am no spironolactone and she was very pleased with that.

I told her I wanted to go to someone who has some type of national accreditation and she explained it’s good to look for but not always necessary to find a good electrologist. Some states simply do not require an electrologist to be licensed. But at the same time, you don’t want to go to someone who does not know what the hell they are doing and you end up looking worse than when you stepped in the office!!

Basically, she inserted a small needle into each hair follicle. It actually did not take as long as I thought. She did most of my whiskers, chin and sideburns in less than 40 mins (36 minutes to be exact.) The needles insertion doesn’t hurt. I mean, you can feel the slightest pressure of it going in but you will feel the current of heat. I say heat because she used thermolysis on me which is a mode of electrolysis that uses heat as opposed to electricity.

The heat was tolerable, but I will not say it was completely painless. Now there were some hairs I did not feel being zapped at all, but most of them, yes, I felt some sensation. I did not cry nor did I ask for her to crank the energy down, though I’m sure I could if the intensity was too much for me.

You can also request numbing cream as some areas are quite sensitive like the bikini line or the upper lip hairs.

In my opinion, it’s worth it. I did have some swelling and some tiny scars, but I know they will clear up. It’s quite normal to see some small scabs on the individual treated hairs so do not fret too much if you get them after getting electrolysis. Now if you see bruising and huge scars, there’s a problem.

If you have the money to maintain treatments, I would go for laser hair removal, but understand you will likely be getting treatments done forever. If your goal is to be hair free forever, give electrolysis a try.

Now here are some before and after pics of the lower part of my face, right on the corner of my mouth, where I am the most hairiest.

Corner of my mouth before

Corner of my mouth before

Same side of my face after electrolysis

Thanks for reading!

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  • Zay

    Wow, looks good! How are you liking it/feeling about it so far?

    • Mo

      it’s not too bad!! I know the swelling and tiny scars will go away being I had it done a few years ago.

  • Yolanda

    you dont cosume spironolactone or any other medication anymore? why?

    • Mo

      I still use spironolactone and bc. what i stated about spiro was a typo! I’m still on it.

      • Yolanda

        oh i see :) im from indonesia and i’m suffering hirsutism also :) hello from Jakarta, Indonesia.. you’re a great and beautiful woman.. you don’t know you’ve been such an inspiration and a hero for women across universe :) thank you, Mo..

        • Mo

          That comment made my day. Thank YOU, Yolanda! :)

  • Charisse

    Hi, just wondering, I must have missed something, why not laser? I am starting laser this week and I’m doing some research on what to expect. I’m excited but a little nervous.

    • Mo

      I had it done once before, my whole package (about 6 sessions) and all my hair still returned. I never had a full treatment package of electrolysis before; just sessions here and there. If I maintain my treatments, I should reach permanency. That’s my hope!

  • Dee

    I had that done years ago and unfortunately it just scarred me up and I still have hair. I hope yours does better than mine. Best wishes – and thanks for posting the site.

    • Mo

      Thanks for the comment Dee! Sorry you had a bad experience. I am on my sixth appointment I must say they are working! I think it may have to do with the fact that my electrologist is board certified in electrolysis and is a certified LPN. She’s been doing this for 20 years so I guess I lucked up with a well trained one. I have very little scars that went away pretty quick. Now, my electrologist did say that she knew of numerous cases of folks practicing electrolysis without the proper training. The woman that worked on you probably was not well trained.

      Thanks again!