Pinchless Electrolysis Wand

I came across a new device on the internet under the key search words “pinchless electrolysis.”

It is a small device made by Hammacher Schlemmer.

The device requires you to move the wand around the affected area. In doing that, the device transfers galvanic energy to the hair follicles. This energy is the same type of energy used by some electrologists.

After a few months of use, the user should see reduction in their hair growth….they SHOULD. It’s powered by AAA batteries.

Pinchless Electrolysis via

Yep. That’s it. Three triple-A batteries and your hairy-home free!


I feel like I’ve heard of this device before…OH WAIT! Because I have!

The Verseo Electrolysis Roller delivers¬† a similar tactic: Roll the device over the affected area while transferring galvanic energy, tweeze the hair out. Repeat for several months…you’re hair free…right?

Now I can comfortably talk trash about this device because I used it and it DOES NOT work!

EGlide Electrolysis System via Verseo

First of all, nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, can damage a hair follicle like inserting a probe in the follicle and zapping it dead. Even laser hair removal is not a permanent means to the madness though it is effective in damaging the follicle temporarily.

Using the roller, the energy was galvanic (or supposed to be) and I honestly did feel some sensation across my skin. However; at the end of the day, I was doing nothing but tweezing my hair. After doing this for a month or two, I realized this machine was just lousy. Just read some of the Amazon reviews about it!

I mean come on, it’s powered by grocery store batteries!

Eventually, I got my money back.

So, I am not sure how promising the Wand is. It certainly does not sound powerful, being powered by batteries!

My humble opinion with quack electrolysis machines, save your hard earned money or do tons of research. If no research is available on the device, take a very big hint about its effectiveness!



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