Snake Venom May Be The Cure To Cancer

August 12, 2014


According to a recent CNN article, researchers at the University of Illinois think they have found a way to cure cancer by using venom from snakes, bees and scorpions.


Dr. Dipanjan Pan and his team believe they have found the answer to the cure for cancer through animal fluids. The fluids apparently stop cancerous cells from spreading.


The only problem is, like many other more conventional methods for cancer treatment, the problem comes when the venom starts attacking healthy cells. A person with cancer could get more ill than they already are being injected with animal venom.


But Dr. Pan has found a way to remove the helpful elements in the venom to deal with cancerous cells. He states in the article that this process in removing helpful particles from the venom and transferring them to affected cells is done by nanotechnology, a very intricate and delicate method used in science in medicine when dealing with molecular particles.


Dr. Pan says once approved, the venom method could be helpful in all types of cancer.


The venom is currently being tested on animals and if there is a growing success rate, it will be tested on humans. Dr. Pan human testing likely won’t happen for another 3-5 years.


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