Some of The Greatest Eyebrows Myths

The greatest eyebrow myths

****A guest post by Kelly Brook!****

The greatest eyebrows myths

There is much a modern woman must endure in order to achieve the look that she desires. Countless procedures and corrections, some of which may even need a daily care, just in order to be able to say that she is satisfied with her looks without a doubt. Naturally the most prominent aesthetic feature of a person is his or hers face, and some experts will agree that there is not a single feature on a woman’s face that gives it expression more than her eyebrows. Many women, due to hirsutism or other reasons, contend with fabled unibrows and bushy eyebrows so routine tweezing or waxing of the eyebrows is the norm. For this reason, there are many guides and advice for the care of one’s eyebrows but also as many myths and urban legends regarding the same topic.

Does tweezing make your hair grow faster?The greatest eyebrow myths

First of these myths regards the ways in which one takes care of her eyebrows. Since there are many methods, some more popular than the others, there are also many false beliefs about them some of which are today accepted to be almost factual. One of these myths is that tweezing, waxing, and threading all cause hair to grow back differently. Tweezing is definitely one of the most controversial methods, because although it is by far the most effective when it comes to the shaping of the eyebrows, it may result in a different hair re-growth then when using waxing or threading. Although almost dogmatically accepted, according to the experts nothing can be farther from the truth.

False eyebrows dogmas

Amongst other popular eyebrows myths is the claim that the color of your eyebrows must always match the color of your hair. This claim, although now generally accepted, is in reality quite absurd since from the point of view of aestheticism it is the complexion of the skin and facial features that should dictate color of the eyebrows. Also there is a popular belief that one should never remove her hair from above the eyebrow, but this is not only inaccurate but also inefficient since this may leave your eyebrow shape to seem unfinished. There is also the common fear that over-plucking may cause your hair to stop growing. Although true in some cases the damage caused by this method is never permanent and is very treatable.

Taking that extra mile

What is usually comes off everyone’s mind when regarding the eyebrows look is the fact that often it is not only the shape and the looks of the eyebrows that count but also the features surrounding them. The shape of the nose or the brow is in this case as important as or even more important than the eyebrows themselves. But in opposition to eyebrows which you can take care of yourself in the case of the brow lift what you need is a help of a professional. Although not as praised and common as the care about eyebrows, modern aesthetical surgery is one of the keys in achieving your perfect look.

The price that modern woman pays for beauty is often great in both courage and endurance, but it has never before been as accessible and so efficient to make dreams come true as it is today.


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