Teacher with Severe Facial Hair Avoids Prison After Child Rape

March 19, 2014

Keshia Shaw being released from jail. Media from Komonews.com

I have made it my life’s work to establish this website for women dealing with all types of unwanted facial hair and body hair and the conditions that are related to it.

But as a mother, I simply cannot help but to be disgusted right now. Apparently, this former teacher, Keshia Shaw, spent several months in jail after being found guilty of raping one of her students.

Apparently, she got released recently on the grounds of her health care. She has PCOS and multiple sclerosis. The lack of medication for her PCOS causes all the hirsutism you see above. The jailhouse apparently failed to provide her prescribed metformin.

OK…so give her the metformin…regulate her health. Problem solved. Why should this woman be allowed to see the light of day after only a few months in jail after what she’s done?

I’m not a lawyer or attorney but I know when something is purely nonsense…


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