The Healing Power Of Belly Dancing!

September 15, 2014

One of the biggest complaints about being hirsute is feeling unattractive. I’ve had women from all over email me saying their spouses are completely aware and perfectly fine with their hirsutism, but they do not feel “fine” or “perfect.”


Even when certain methods are taken to reduce the hirsutism, such as losing weight, correcting a bad diet or taking the proper hormonal therapy, not all women with hirsutism feel good about.


One of the most relaxing things anyone can do to take their minds of the things that make them insecure is to exercise. It’s not only good for the body but it’s good for mental health. Working out helps you feel more alive and upbeat, ready to tackle the challenges for the day.


But even working out can be a chore, not because it’s ineffective, but because it can be boring as hell! But one exercise in particular can make a woman feel incredibly good about herself!



A recent Science Daily article showed that women who belly dance feel incredibly good about themselves as opposed to women who were not familiar with the ancient sensual dance.


According to the article, belly dancers have a better outlook on their self image. They understand that the torso-focused art makes them feel sexy, regardless of the concerns of weight, height or facial hair.


The Australian study of 112 belly dancers and 101 college women found that belly dancers were far more light-hearted on loving their bodies and were not as caught up in self-esteem issues as the college women.


It is a big reason why I took on belly dancing! Since freelance writing and working on my hirsutism book, I have not been able to make videos or dedicate more time to it but I will get started again very soon!


Bottom line: give belly dancing (and your body) the chance to try something new and love you body again!

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