Unwanted Facial Hair: Reduce Your Facial Hair With Lavender


I wrote about lavender a while back, explaining how Italian researchers found that it reduces the appearance of mild hirsutism for some women.

They found that after a few months of continual use of lavender and tea tree that women in the research test reported on average 30% less hirsutism. Impressive, yes?!

It is unknown how lavender extracts and oil help combat hirsutism, but it is certainly worth exploring.

In general, lavender is a great soothing oil and is used quite often in aroma therapy and massages. It is also a popular oil for hair care, as it soothes  and helps repair a damaged scalp.

Now for facial care, I know it smells great and skins the skin temporary moisture. But you do not see women using it to reduce facial hair!

BTW, you can read the study here.

With that said, if you are interested in trying lavender on your hirsutism, considering the following best ways to use it.



  • As a facial mist. Simply take some pure water and add a few drops of lavender oil to it in a small spray bottle. You can add some light oils like sunflower oil for extra moisture for your face too. A few sprays on your hairy areas and keep it moving!


  • As an antiseptic. Mix a few drops of lavender in a tea tree bottle and, with a cotton ball, put the mixture on your face and rub it all around, concentrating the most on your unwanted hair.


  • As a body lotion. Talk your favorite facial lotion and add several drop of lavender extract to it. Mix it well and apply generously to your facial fur. You can even use it on other places on your body too.


  • As a facial steam. I personally love facial steams! Add some very hot water to a clean bowl and add a few drops of lavender oil. Place your face directly over the steaming bowl. For an even better effect, take a towel and wrap it over your head while your leaning over the bowl to capture more steam.


Now there are medications like Vaniqa/Eflora that have helped me keep the unwanted hairs  at bay but natural and holistic means to correcting some of nature’s boo boos is always appreciated!

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