August 12, 2014

TURMERICFinally, something natural that actually works!


You all may have read my previous post about making a turmeric facial mask for cleanse skin and removing ingrown hairs easier. If not, review that article first before reading this one.


Basically, I was wearing my turmeric mask everyday, sometimes twice a day. It was a little drying but it did a good job at removing dirt, makeup and lifting ingrown hairs to remove. I really looked forward to removing the ingrown hairs, as they are very dark, thick and curly.


But to my surprise, I noticed my facial hair would grow back very lighter and finer. This is very interesting because I was off Spironolactone for almost a month to get a monthly check up from my endocrinologist to make sure my body was reacting well to it.


FYI: when on Spironolactone, your endocrinologist may require you to be off the medicine to check your blood work.


Now what the turmeric paste did NOT do was make the hair stop growing. It does not do that. However, it drastically reduces the hair in thickness and texture. At least, it did for me!


And this is nothing new! Turmeric masks have been use in Asian for centuries to curb the appearance of facial hair. There is no medical proof turmeric paste works to curb hirsutism but it is believed that the curcumin, the most active natural ingredient in turmeric powder, is a natural testosterone blocker.


I am so excited to finally find something completely natural that works for my facial hair! I only wish I knew about it damn near 20 years ago!


Now would be the perfect time to get some electrolysis done! Now that the hair is thinner and softer, it probably would not take many sessions to get them zapped away FOREVER!


Thanks turmeric!

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