What’s Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is a condition where a woman develops abnormal hair growth in areas of her body she typically does not.

These hairs, which are usually soft and light in texture and color, are coarse and dark.

The main places that hirsutism occurs at are the face, back, chest and pubic regions of the body.

It can be quite a discouraging condition and can wreck havoc on a young woman’s self-esteem.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine Website details polycystic ovarian syndrome  (PCOS) as the most common cause of excessive hair growth on a woman. Read that article here.

While PCOS is the most common cause of hirsutism, it can also be a symptom from ovarian and adrenal disorders, Cushing Syndrome and in rarity, tumors.

Certain hormonal-alterting medications could cause hirsutism too like steroids.

The best treatment for hirsutism is likely a dual effort of medication and mechincal means to remove the hair.

The best medications for hirsutism is spironolactone and/or cyperterone acetate (Not available in the U.S.) or estrogen-based birth controls. I have read of stories of neither one working for some hirsute women, but results usually are not seen for at least 6 months.

Here is a list of medicine that might cause a woman to start developing abnormal facial and body hair:


Certain birth controls




Spironolacton (though I have not seen an increase in hair and I am currently on it)

Nicotine (smoking may cause you to sprout hairs)