Why You Should NOT Tweeze For Hair Removal!


In battling hirsutism, you cannot help but to search for the many (terrible) ways to remove all that unwanted hair. In fact, hair removal alone was worth hundreds of millions of dollars in 2009 and the industry has not stop growing!

I’ve been removing my facial hair WRONG for well over a decade. Mother knows best but in the case of unwanted facial hair, no she didn’t. For it was my mom who taught me to tweeze my facial hair.

Ignorantly, that’s what I did since middle school and it has done nothing but wreck havoc on my facial skin.

Ingrown hairs and bumps were a common problem I dealt with. It got so bad that I actually looked forward to the small but disturbing victory that overwhelmed me every time I dug out a vicious ingrown hair.

Here is a photo of my neck several months ago before I made the decision to completely say no to the tweezers unless they were for my eyebrows.




Reasons not to tweeze your facial hair:

  1. The body treats it like a “wound” and blood will rush to the open follicle to “repair” it, potentially causing bruising and hyper pigmentation.
  2. It could “awaken” dormant hair follicles that could grow more hair.
  3. IT HURTS.

Do yourself a favor and stick to shaving. It is a less permanent fix but it certainly does not do the same damage like tweezing.

To shave while avoiding looking like my pic above, always do the following:

  1. Lather the spot to shave with cleanser AND oil. This allows for the skin to be extremely lubricated during a close shave, relieving you for nicks and cuts.
  2. ALWAYS use a new razor, especially on your face. No special schmecial razor necessary.
  3. ALWAYS shave in the directions of the hair growth.

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